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    Twitch CLICK HERE TO WIN 1,000,000 .....

  2. MrMotherCrusher

    Best ways of promotion ?

    I'm here to pick your brains on what's the best and most effective ways to promote your channel that have worked for you? Me personally I have a twitter , facebook , and instagram. I also went to the extent of making business cards. And last but not least I use the forums. I currently returned...
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    Wassup guys i doing this right and followimg the premium rules correctly But below is my latest video called worst tips and tricks Its a parody of best tips ans tricks hope you enjoy .. Like||comment||sub
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    Premium Parody to best tips and tricks

    Wassup guys so my channel is based on comedy gaming and i kno we have all heard of "best tips and tricks" for what ever game well i have a series called worst tips and tricks check it out below
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    Colab or not but we will be a family

    So a little about myself my channel is mrmothercrusher and i make comedy gaming videos So basicslly i wanna start and youtube gaming group dont know that name yet. But basically well be a team and well colab with each other when ever one has an idea but when we arent colabing i say we still...
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    Been here for over a year yet still new?

    So i made an account a year ago and just it for a few and never touched it again. Im not even sure if i posted here so ill start off by saying my channel is MrMotherCrusher (google me lol) Im a 21 year old from brooklyn ny and my channel is about gaming comedy. I love to make people laugh...
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    Do you know what an Alaskan Pipeline is?

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    Title of Thread: Comedy Gaming [MrMotherCrusher MrMotherCrusher Channel Link: Channel Start Date: October 3rd, 2012 Partnered with Network: Music Nations Amount of Videos on Channel: 31 Total Subscribers: 861...
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    Call of duty colab

    Wassup guys, i dont know if there is anyone on the forum that i am particulary looking for but ill give it a try I make comedy gaming videos over call of duty (mostly) i play advanced warfare on ps4 and black ops 2 on xbox 360 im looking for someone to colab with to make these funny videos. I...
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    Call of duty and a riddle?

    Wassup everyone im here with another riddle of the week on my channel the 2nd one so far. Let me know what you think of the riddle and if you think you know the answer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    PS4 Colab with call of duty and comedy?

    A little about myself: Channel is MrMotherCrusher , and im a gaming / comedy videos. Base my channel around talking trash, asking weird questions and worst tips and tricks ( for more check out my channrl trailer) But anyway like other youtubers im also looking to grow and colabs is a good...
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    Channel Trailer

    Havent been on this forum in a while so just wanted some feed back on my channel trailer if possible thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Have ever you been part of the zombie gang?

    The biggest war wince WWII Is here .. ZOMBIES VS HUMANS! GANG INITIATION!! If you like what you saw please do me a favor and hit that like and if you like my channel please sub :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey wassup im here cause i want to know if anyone would want to do some colab videos with me. I have a gaming/comedy channel and would like to collab with another gaming channel . Please message me if interested thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Teabag gone horribly wrong!

    Got some battlefield hardline gameplay for you guys. In this video youre gonna see a player who was soo salty that i sniped him... That he comes back for revenge but i guess karma isnt his friend If you like what you saw please do me a favor and hit that like button and drop a comment...
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    1500 subscribers by the end of the summer?

    Wassup everyone my name is mrmothercrusher and my goal is to reach 1500 subs by august. Im currently at 678. I really wanna grow my channel and have that youtube breakthrough lol. When i hit 1000 subs im going to be doing a give away of psn and xbox live points cards or live cards Sent from...
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    Good morning Tubers!

    Hows everyones morning / day/ night (where ever you are) going? Just brought a book yesterday called "30 days to a better youtube channel" and i gotta say the book has helped me learn alot of things so far and im only on day 2. Really looking forward to reading the rest and doing the...
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    MrMotherCrusher (update)

    Wassup everybody, before i start i just want to say that when i first started YouTube i had no idea what i was doing and all i wanted was subs. It got to the point where id do "Sub4Sub" and i know that was a horrible start and i so much regret. But that explains why my subs and total views are...
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    I got a partnership!

    It happened a couple days ago but im happy to say that i got a partnership with a network named music nations. Ive never been more excited. It just shows all my hard work being put to good use. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Woman gets pissed off by hillbilly

    In this video i change my voice pretending to be a hillbilly. There is 2 woman in the lobby in which both of them get annoyed but 1 gets really upset lol enjoy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk