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  1. Leplyn Gaming

    Sonotcoolica - A Unique Take on Subnauticas Story - 2 Episodes so far

    I was having a great time on Subnautica and so I kind of decided to do a bit of a story telling cinimaticy kinda video series haha. Check it out :) Episode 1 Episode 2
  2. Leplyn Gaming

    My twitch panel buttons

    Very cool, nice crisp clean and profesh looking.
  3. Leplyn Gaming

    Critique on my Channel Art?!!

    Its actually really good :O! I love it. Nothing to really critique I wouldn't change anything haha.
  4. Leplyn Gaming

    New Minecraft logo - Design Craft

    I actually like it but I think that some of the elements need to be adjusted like the size of the dirt block compared to the text.
  5. Leplyn Gaming

    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    Googled Youtube Gaming Forums :D Glad I found it to be honest :)
  6. Leplyn Gaming

    Sentenza Gaming

    I went through and watched several of your videos, I actually really liked them. Im surprised you don't have more subs.