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  1. BrassPhoenix

    PC Looking to Collab with Minecrafters

    Game: Minecraft, CSGO Platform: PC Number of People: Timezone: pacific standard Age: 27 Mission: to get back into Youtubing Subscribers: 99 Link to Channel: Hello fellow Youtubers my name is BrassPhoenix, Airship pirate and adventurer extraordinaire. I...
  2. BrassPhoenix

    Looking for a steampunk/airpirate intro for my channel

    Just like the title says I am looking for a steampunk/ airpirate intro. my channel is themed with a steampunk airship pirate feel and almost all of my artwork is in sepia colors scheme. I am willing to pay for high quality work.
  3. BrassPhoenix

    Wanted thumbnail

    This is just a small part of an even larger project I have going on. The goal here was to make a Wanted poster as part of my 60 sec channel ad I am making for myself. I used different references from different real Pirate wanted posters used and added a dash of steampunk. for those of you that...
  4. BrassPhoenix

    A story about my uncle Part 1 To the Stars

    Time for A new adventure
  5. BrassPhoenix

    Sneak peeks - future video thumbnails

    this thread is really dedicated to any future thumbnails i have made for future videos. Ever since I made my new thumbnail template to make things easier and faster for me, I have found a fresh challenge in making each and every thumbnail interesting and different while still keeping in line...
  6. BrassPhoenix

    BrassPhoenix gaming

    Ok so i am not technically new per say but i am new to Damnlag (i was here back when it was just youtubegaming) so who am i you ask? Well I am Brassphoenix, indie gaming and playthrough extraordinaire! It is my mission to go out, find and play new indie games whether it be platform, FPS, or...
  7. BrassPhoenix

    Visibility: Its too dark in here

    a brand new game from steam by the name of Visibility
  8. BrassPhoenix

    The Art of Tagfare

    It is as the Great Sun Tzu once said in -The Art of Tagfare- "So it is said that if you know your Tags and know yourself, you can win a hundred Subscribers without a single loss. If you only know yourself, but not your Tags, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your Tags...
  9. BrassPhoenix

    Do channel ads work?

    ok now that i am back in full production mode again I am trying to find the best ways to promote my channel tastefully and while browsing my creator studio I ran across the Youtube fan finder. How many people have done this? does this work and is it worth it?
  10. BrassPhoenix

    What is your Job outside of YouTube?

    So after making a recent video explaining why i am always going in and out of my channel constantly it got me wondering, What does everyone do for a living? (this includes school of course)
  11. BrassPhoenix

    stress and youtubers

    First off I would like to apologize to anyone that watches my channel. quite honestly I have been a little stressed over work and haven't posted a video in a while. and especially to Dooby who while i was recording the shout out video for some reason Dxtory had a huge error and failed to record...
  12. BrassPhoenix

    Brass Phoenix Banner

    I always wear a steampunk outfit when I record my videos so I thought it was only right to draw myself up a Steampunk like banner. Now I was trying to go for more of a mad scientist theme when I started this whole thing however as I drew it slowly became a symbol people would fear in the very...
  13. BrassPhoenix

    Standing out on youtube

    On my travels through youtube I have noticed that almost all high ranking youtube channels have a logo or something that defines them and draws in other youtubers. for instance Markiplier has his pink mustache, Captain sparkles has his C logo....thing, pewdiepie has his brofists, while others...
  14. BrassPhoenix

    Social Media and Youtube

    Does other social media Help you improve your channel like Facebook or Twitter? If you use other social media what do you use and why? If you don't use any social media then what is your reason for not using it? sometimes as youtubers we look over a lot of things that could help us in growing...
  15. BrassPhoenix

    Oculus Rift Vanguard Valkyries

    Vanguard Valkyrie is a 3rd person flight adventure game for the Oculus Rift. now this is only just a demo level however for a demo this game is really good. I really hope to see the full game come out soon.
  16. BrassPhoenix

    BrassPhoenix indie gaming

    Channel Name: BrassPhoenix Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 10 Nov 2012 Partnered with Network?: Yes Amount of Videos on Channel: 47 Total Subscribers: 32 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 913 Channel Description: Hey everyone I am BrassPhoenix...
  17. BrassPhoenix

    looking for a colorist

    hey everyone I am looking for someone to color my Brassphoenix logo. I am looking for a steampunk color scheme for my air pirate jolly roger (youtube logo)
  18. BrassPhoenix

    Brassphoenix reporting in

    Hello everyone my name is Brass Phoenix. I won't bore you with my channel here as this is an introduction only so a bit about myself and why I am here then. I am a youtuber, gamer, and I love steampunk and anime (anyone know of any good steampunk indie PC games?) I came here from a...