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  1. Zyksnys

    #ThePersonBehindTheGames w/ Zyks Nys

    Hello Damnlag! I got challenged by Karinabob (who is also a member of Damnlag) to do #ThePersonBehindTheGames challenge. So there you go. 10 facts about me. Enjoy.
  2. Zyksnys

    I need an honest answer with this question

    Would you guys mind to read translations in a video? I want to make more LoL content, but the problem is that when I play League of Legends I mostly play with my just friends which do not want to speak english in the sake for a video :P. I was looking for other kinds of LoL content, but I think...
  3. Zyksnys

    7 days #2 - ITS STILL NOT TIME YET!

    Who has two eyes and some teeth and makes me scream? Yes this guy in this particular episode. This time I have to run for my life, look into a weird painting and solve some more puzzles in 7 Days. Enjoy.
  4. Zyksnys

    The Escapists #7 - Syke that's the wrong key!

    Words actually can't describe how much I love this game. It's fun, simple but hard at the same time. You have to use your brain to make wise decisions, am I going to buff myself up, am I going to search in desks for better items, etc. This time I don't really use my brain and I waste some good...
  5. Zyksnys

    7 Days - #1 - Who is Sam!?

    There will always be people who say that pixelated horror games are not scary. With this video I prove the contrary! 7 Days is scary as hell and I might or might not scream like a little girl while playing. Enjoy!
  6. Zyksnys

    Yo what's good? My name is...

    Yo what's good, Damnlag? My name is ZyksNys (pronounced as Six Niss (as in busi"ness"). I am a Youtuber from the Netherlands who loves to game, music and videos. I joined this community because I heard from the Facebookgroup "Gamers of Youtube" that this was an amazing community so I decided...