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    Boys Like you....

    Our live cover continues..
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    ***New Cover***

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    On Alter Bridge 13th Anniversary!!

    Alter Bridge is my all time favourite band. I follow them since 2004 and their guitarist Mark Tremonti is my idol. Today is their 13th year anniversary and on this special day I like to share with you guys one of my old upload covering one of their song....... Let me know what do you guys think...
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    Wait for it!!!!!

    Tried to do something different song. Just added a solo, let me know what you think about it.
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    You wish it was you...

    I always wish if I have time machine I will go back to 1981 and join Metallica. hahaha that's something always come in my mind. What will you do if today you have a time machine and you have the opportunity to go back in time and do something like this. Which year you will go back?
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    Enjoy the "Seasons"!

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    Breaking Benjamin Cover!

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    WHat's your goal for 2017?

    2016 is almost ending. what's your goal for 2017?
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    Hey everyone! Help!!!!

    Hey everyone I'm new to this forum. Usually I'm in yttalk but heard about this forum and wanted to check it out and meet some new people. I'm also having issue with my signature and link to my channel. Not actually getting it! Can any one help?
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    What's your favourite genre?

    Mine is Rock and Heavy Metal.
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    Hey guys just wanna say hi. Just joined the forum. Hope the experience will be great! :)
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    What's your favourite music genre?

    Mine is Rock and heavy metal!!