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  1. Extract Gaming

    PC Minecraft Ultra Modded Survival Server

    Yeah this sounds fun and would love to play :)
  2. Extract Gaming

    PC Modded Minecraft + Server

    Yeah I will be willing too :)
  3. Extract Gaming

    Bo3 xbox one gameplay

    Hey everyone i would love it if you could watch my new bo3 video. If you have any feed back feel free to leave a comment
  4. Extract Gaming

    Gmod players for recording

    Can we play with you we are both 15 and have good Cs go and a lot of other games here is a link to YouTube
  5. Extract Gaming

    Looking to play PC or Xbox One with

    Hello I am looking for someone to play with to do a CS GO funny moments. Must be 14+ and use skype message f interested.
  6. Extract Gaming

    [GTA5 Xbox One] Anyone Interested in doing a Funny Moments together?

    We would love to play woth you. My GT is Steady EU add me if you want to play.
  7. Extract Gaming

    PC Looking For PC Collabs to make funny vids

    Ok would you like to play today?
  8. Extract Gaming

    Lethal Has met a girlfriend (CS GO funny moments)

    Lethal Has met a girlfriend (CS GO funny moments) It will be appreciated if you could drop a like rating on the video and share it out! And why not subscibe to this channel ( Check out our sponser ( and...
  9. Extract Gaming

    Hello do you think you can make me an intro?

    Hello do you think you can make me an intro?
  10. Extract Gaming

    Intro needed please

    I am looking for a short catchy intro to with my channel. I have no money to offer as I am 14. If you could make me one I would appreciate it thanks.
  11. Extract Gaming

    Help coming up with call of duty ideas!!!!!!!!!

    I would love some help with videos to do with call of duty. If you have any good ones let me know. and also if you like to colab hit me up?
  12. Extract Gaming

    CS GO game play 30+ kills (Competitive)

    Come watch and show your support we will appreciate it. Thanks
  13. Extract Gaming

    Xbox One Looking for collabs

    Hey man i would like to collaborate woth you. What game would you play? Im also 14. Hit me up on skype if you want to play. Skype username: tinyb3atz
  14. Extract Gaming

    Minecraft Tekkit survival ep 1

    Thank you for commenting. The objective is to have fun and to be the first to the moon.