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    PC Multiplayer survival Games

    looking for few people to play the games listed below with whilst making content for channels i am sorting out a modded server for minecraft and my friend runs a ark server and forest is easy to set up so if you would like to join me on these games let me know and i will post my discord chat...
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    The Forest

    hey guys so i want to start a series on my channel and would like to do it with a few other people to make it a bit more entertaining than just me on my own we dont have to build together but would be fun to go adventuring together so if anyone would be interest let me know in the comments
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    New Guy On The Forum

    thanks you for the welcome
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    My Goals For Youtube2017

    hey guys so i thought i would tell you what my goals are and see if anyone else has the same or close to the same goals so i am not really bothered about numbers i do suffer with depression and anxiety and to be fair i mainly making videos do help a lot as it keeps my mind of things i also do...
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    New Guy On The Forum

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    New Guy On The Forum

    why hello there :)
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    New Guy On The Forum

    hey guys i am xpHound and i am from the uk i have been doing youtube for a month in 9 days i am a gaming channel at the moment but will be looking to expand the type of contents in the future i do use face cam but is a bit of pain as i am having to use my s6 phone at the moment till can get a...