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    Is that Maiq the liar from Morrowind?
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    New Video

    Great video but its very hard to get big on first person shooters; maybe try to add in themed commentary like that guy BirdMan who has 400K subs or so
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    YouTuber who will be uploading mostly Fortnite gaming/challenges videos and make my way to the TOP

    FORTNITE??? There's a million fortnite youtubers, why not play something more unique like Mount and Blade! :D
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    PC PC/PS4. Looking to collab, i’m back after 3 years!

    IDEA - Mount and Blade Warband, I'd be up for that
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    3 months no growth ! why ?

    I have 50 videos and also have little traction :/
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    Whats up people! :D

    Whats up people! :D