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    We are VlogSquad Gaming.

    Hellooooo We are new to this so please bare with us. I'm Jay and together with my buddies Scott and Jack we have set up a gaming channel called VlogSquad Gaming. We chose the name because we actually come from different YouTube channels on a different genre which isn't game related, so although...
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    How many subs do you want to reach at the end of the year

    Not going to lie we are seeing or sights small so I'd say 20 by the end of the year
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    How many subscriber do you have?

    We have 7 and are proud of them lol
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    What's your favorite console and why?

    Atari Jaguar had THE best Alien game on it!
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    Share your Twitter!

    Ours is 'VlogSquadGaming'
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    I literally love Fortnite
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    100 subs Finally :)

    Congratulations, We are new at this so will check you out.