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    retro game comedy failthrough: Goonies 2 for NES

    I guarantee a handful of hearty laughs in my abridged playthrough of this classic game! Check it out if you miss old AVGN videos!
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    Short RE4 / Lana Del Rey Mashup

    I took the scene from Resident Evil 4 where they shoot down Mike's helicopter and blended with a clip from a Lana Del Rey video.
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    IRRITATING STICK! The game where you move a stick! WOW!

    You'd think it would be easy, but the stiff controls make Irritating Stick for Playstation a NIGHTMARE! Lots of F-BOMBS!
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    Compilation of my gaming videos episodes 11-20

    Before I continue my satirical retro gaming videos, here's another compilation! Watch me ruin Spiderman, Captain America, Mortal Kombat and other precious franchises!
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    Compilation of my first 10 gaming videos

    Thank you so much!
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    Compilation of my first 10 gaming videos

    For you convenience, I've smooshed together my first 10 gaming videos into ONE VIDEO! ZOMG AMAZING! Much laughs in your future!
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    Two old people play Mortal Kombat (sort of)

    It's the 1990s and Mortal Kombat is the most realistic fighting game around. But is it a little TOO realistic? Elderly couple Martha (me) and Reginald (also me) are about the find out... the hard way!
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    Silent Hill 3 Quickie: Heather Calls Her "Dad" (NSFW)

    Heather calls her dad at the beginning of Silent Hill 3, but we only hear her half of the conversation. I've filled in the rest. Enjoy!
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    Musical Comedy Gaming Video!

    Basically, I play Pokemon Leaf Green, but I take out the music and replace it with an infamous soundtrack loop from The Ring: Terror's Realm for Sega Dreamcast. Then I sing all of the text in a "Trapped in the Closet" style musical that will make you chuckle and also get stuck in your head...
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    4 second mashup: alolan dugtrio + bob's burgers girl group

    Just watch it!
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    If I refuse to skate... will I die???

    The title says Skate or Die... but will I really die if I don't skate? In this video, I attempt to die by not skating, but it turns out to be more difficult than the game title would suggest. Will I ever experience the tender embrace of death? Or will I have to go on skating forever???
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    A racist redneck plays Captain America for SNES

    This is my 2nd video as a racist redneck. This time I'm playing Captain America and The Avengers for Super Nintendo. If you like satire then check it out!
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    You tryin' to escape?? AW HELL NAH!!

    They start chasing you... and then they stop... and then they go... and then they stop... MAKE UP YER MINDS!! And then this dude starts pokin' the crap outta me! RAWR!
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    Jason Statham hates guys on ATVs!!

    That's the best compliment ever, lol.
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    Jason Statham hates guys on ATVs!!

    Jason Statham is back for another Death Race, but holy crap the TMI levels are off the charts! Experience the sensual pleasures of vehicular manslaughter!! CONTAINS PROFANITY AND ADULT HUMOR!!