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    A "SLIMY" DUPLICATION GLITCH? | Terraria #4 w/ TripleR

    Sorry for the terrible punny title. But anyways, I've been busy these past few months and have finally found time to release another video. I'm not the kind of person to beg for people to watch my videos, but if you watch this, thank you! If you feel so inclined to share it with your friends...
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    RUN LIKE A WIMP! | The Forest #7

    \ I also made a let's play on The Forest. Again, I took a lot of time in tags and editing, so a like and a subscribe would be highly appreciated if you enjoy it.
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    SUPER SUICIDE MUTANTS | Fallout 4 #3

    I made another Fallout 4 let's play! I took more time in the tags, so I'm hoping I get more views on this than most of the other gaming videos. If you guys enjoy it please hit the like and subscribe button.
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    WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS! | Police Stories #2

    Today I play some more police stories. The game got much harder, so the amount of anger I had throughout was higher than ever!
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    Here's another episode of Raft! These have been getting a few views lately, so I'm still doing them. If you guys know any other games, please tell me. Also, I'd appreciate if a few of you would share or subscribe to the channel if you guys like it. This isn't my most favorite video since it was...
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    RESTARTING THE STORY | The Forest #6

    Made a let's play on The Forest! Would really appreciate to see a decent amount of views on this video! Also if you like the channel show it off to your friends!
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    Daily Upload Thread for Friday, June 23rd 2017

    Made a let's play on The Forest. Sadly, the last one performed quite poorly, so I'd be glad to see more views and such on this video.
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    Daily Upload Thread for Friday, June 23rd 2017

    Made a let's play for Fallout 4! My last one got a lot of attention so if this one could get equal or more attention than the last one I would be highly appreciative!
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    I AM IRON MAN | Fallout 4 #2

    Made a little let's play on Fallout 4!
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    I just found this game on GameJolt and just decided to play it for YouTube. I'm not sure how to explain the plot, so here we go. I believe that this is a ghost game, not really a horror game, just a simple ghost game, and that's all I can really say without giving anything away. Please watch...
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    Today Me and my friend captainbluberry decided to do a side by side playthrough of The Forest, and we found the sinkhole, which we like to call the Earth's Butthole, and began to explore it. When he was over, we decided to record all night, and ended off with this video at around 7 AM. In this...
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    SNEAKY SHARK |Raft #1

    I honestly cannot say a whole lot about this one. I made this during my school's musical season, so I kept dropping Shrek references in this video I think. I forgot to upload it so I have no clue how funny it is, but I think I did a good job. Please give me feedback if you watch it.
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    Daily Upload Thread for Monday, June 19th 2017

    I also made this let's play on raft. I am not sure how comical it is, I made it back in Feb. and forgot to upload it. I hope you guys enjoy this too!