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    Feedback please

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    Review this video please, I need feedback

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    Thankyou, yes i will consider that! your feed back matters a lot. :)
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    Does equipment matter?

    you're right and I COMPLETELY agree with that, but its just that some people buy a $5000 machine to play games while they're not connected to the audience, that is what iam saying is bad. But yes, a good thumbnail, a great video and audio is a neccesity
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    Killing My Teammates

    You're background music is a little bit too loud. Otherwise the video is nice :)
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    Hey, SpongePeye here. I am obssesed with Spongebob and Popeye and I also like playing games (comeon, who doesn't). I also have a youtube channel by the same name. I didnt actually hear about damnlag, just searched youtube gaming forums on google and it showed up first ! :)
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    Does equipment matter?

    Hey, SpongePeye here. Today I wanted to discuss a thing or two about what fancy equipment to use and all that expensive stuff. Well, from what I saw on many youtube channels, is that you don't need to buy all that fancy gadgets, of course a good quality video and audio is recommended, but the...
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