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    Is This The End? | DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead

    I watched and instantly said to myself: 'Outlast'. Then I read the description :p GG
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    Vikings Wolves of Midgard | Awesome game so far!!!

    Now I miss exposure in Skyrim :/ Where is the Frostfall mod
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    Daily Upload Thread for Tuesday, April 4th 2017

    After a cut they're both naked but still HUGGING :p
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    Watch Your Back - BF1

    Nice sweeper gameplay! I don't see the weapon too much on my battlefields. Nice 60fps too. You really gotta try the small health pack, makes you way more aggressive
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    Kind of a weird game I think :p The one moment it creeped me a little bit was at around 8 minutes when the path opened up more. More darkness
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    Channel Growth, Recruited to DefyRebellion, THANK YOU!

    40 subs are 40 subs man! Congratz, keep on growing and keep enjoying what you do!
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    The first of the serie! Next video will feature kontrol freeks probably! Lemme know how you liked it? =)
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    Daily Upload Thread for Tuesday, April 4th 2017

    Kicking of a highlights serie! Next video will finally feature kontrol freeks (i think..)
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    Started a highlight series for Battlefield 1!

    Started a highlight series for Battlefield 1!
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    free editing!!

    The last bit with the shots on the beat was cool :p
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    Hey Guys, I'm ClashQuester!

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    A Tribute To Dark Souls

    Epic serie! Would not call it influential yet though as only Nioh gets close so far
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    THE BEACON [HARD] : Campaign || Titanfall 2

    Let's reach the beacon in Titanfall 2! It's a long mission, but an intense one!