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    How is the Covid-19 Pandemic Effecting Content Creation for your Channel?

    I finally got back into making content because of the pandemic, even started streaming on twitch which is fun, so it's been positive. I do worry about having to revert to less content once this is over due to other time constraints returning though.
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    Discord Server Promotion (promote your server here)

    Discord Server Name : Ready Player Parker Discord (non expiring link : Discord Description : Just a place to come chat and also suggest some content / give feedback. As the server grows I'm likely to add more. Amount Of Members : 2...… At the moment xD Feel free to...
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    YouTube Channel of the Month #53 (January 2019) - Voting/Entries

    Entry : Ready Player Parker, Votes: Connorman9
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    Popping up to say HI!

    nice to meet you too, welcome to the community :)
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    YouTube Channel of the Month #50 (October 2018) - Voting/Entries

    Entry : Ready Player Parker : My Votes :- Kevin Foreman TruVetCommando
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    What editing software do you use?

    I actually use Blender 3D for the actual video editing and Microsoft Publisher to make my thumbnails...….
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    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    A mate of mine who live streamed shared it. I always tell people about the site/discord who i know do youtube/stream?
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    Username Change Request

    Current Username: Parker Plays New Username: Ready Player Parker Reason: Rebranded channel due to confusion with Parker Games (who appeared to be formerly Parker games) and i have been getting messages about his content which I do not wish to take credit for.
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    What Damnlag Members Have you Subscribed to Lately?

    It was a while ago but I subbed to @FreakInGreen and @shake-n-bake-gaming-uk :)
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    YouTube Channel of the Month #48 (August 2018) - Voting/Entries

    Entry :- Parker Plays : SirProwse FreakInGreen
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    What kind of Smartphone do you have?

    I am one of the few people still using windows phone with a Lumia 950
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    Why do you do YouTube?

    I enjoy gaming and watching other youtubers play too. I also got into video editing when i had a phase of enjoying making 3D models and animations so brought those 2 together and made the channel :)
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    Popping up to say HI!

    Sorry for long reply, i forgot my password and been busy with work xD I use the channel to mainly show games. My outlet for indutry was through github but I've since got a job in Business System programming so it's taking all my time to run the games side and do my job xD I might be bringing...
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    What Emotional Video Games Come To Mind?

    100% Brothers a tale of 2 sons, one of only 2 games i've cried at. I'd also reccomend the recent A Way out which is good fun.