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    Channel trailer/Compilation and banner

    The channel trailer can be under 2:30 and the banner is the channel art I already have(I will send a transparent image for font of my logo etc)
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    Channel Name: Rakunio Channel Link: Channel Start Date: Mar 18, 2014 Partnered with Network?:No Amount of Videos on Channel: 170 Total Subscribers: 31 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 2,766 Channel Description: My name is Rakunio where...
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    Hi DamnLag!

    Here's some new highlight videos recently! Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe and leave some feedback if you can.
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    Resident Evil 6 Highlights..

    This was rather fast to make before the new year, enjoy! Resident Evil 6 Highlights
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    Shadow Warrior 2 & Prey Highlights Video!

    Merry Christmas Damnlag! --------------------- Off-Poll Question: What should I change with my Highlight series? ---Shadow Warrior 2--- --Prey--
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    Bendy and the Ink Machine

    Finished both chapters in one video, enjoy!
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    Created a really random YouTube channel art themed from Roblox

    Made a ROBLOX channel art, let me know how I did and maybe i'll make one for you. Edit: Here's the full tablet version of it.
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    White Noise 2 Gameplay!

    May play some Online soon!
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    YouTube Dead Rising 3 + DLC Horror surprise possible, stick around!
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    Enjoyed my second run at the main campaign in this on the highest difficulty

    (The ending goes up Friday noon) Stick around and give feedback if you can!
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    Made a Drum and Bass Outro for Highlight videos mainly!

    Enjoy! Leave feedback on it if you can!
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    The Evil Within and DLC!

    Introducing the new full version of one the updated outro's I recently made! Leave feedback if you can and susbscribe for more highlights!