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    Does equipment matter?

    Well here is the thing, yes it is true you probably do not need fancy equipment to grow on youtube, but still just put yourself in the viewers position, wouldn't you click on a video with a nice thumbnail over a one that has a very bad one? Wouldn't you enjoy more the video if it was with good...
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    well welcome to the forum! I looked at your videos so here is one thing try to make your voice a bit louder because it is very low! One tip for you just be consistent. I have struggled a lot with that, but once i start being I see a lot of progress when it comes to subscribers and views.
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    Why I Play Warrior? Reasons I Chose and Still Play Warrior (GW2)

    In this episode of Guild Wars 2 I talk about my time with the class I chose when I started the game. The class is warrior and I've been playing it for more than 2 years now, so I've learned a lot throughout my time in Guild Wars 2. Here are the reasons I chose it in the beginning and why I still...
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    Is Battlefield 1 Really Epic? My Thoughts on the Game

    In today's episode Navinax gives his opinion and thoughts on Battlefield 1. He absolutely loved the way it looked and to keep in mind that it is still in an early stage, so there will be a lot of improvements still!
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    Silverwastes Any Good? Very Nice Way to Get Gold (GW2)

    Have you wondered is silverwastes good? Well here you get the answer! It is actually a very nice way to get gold or if you choose as well material, karma and magic find. Soon I will be doing an even better way to farm gold so stay tuned if you want to see how it happens!
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    RAYMAN 2: Globox is rescued !!! part 3 (commentary)

    Another great video by HatPeasyCat! Going back to the old games, huh. Well you said next up you have silent hill, so I can't wait for that! Keep it up man!
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    How to farm gold? Good Way to Get Big Amount of Gold (2016)

    Have you ever wondered how to farm gold? Well here you go: a good way to get big amount of gold! It is a really good way to farm not because of the amount you get but because of its simplicity. Very easy, chill farming method so just go and try it out!
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    Why I Took a Break From Guild Wars 2

    Yeah it used to be such a great game... But I started again and I have a lot of fun now again so that is all that matters. As well I decided to start making videos of this game again
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    Why I Took a Break From Guild Wars 2

    If you have been wondering why I have not uploaded any Guild Wars 2 related content well this is why. In the episode I explain exactly what are the reasons for me taking a break from Guild Wars 2. But even tho I took a break, we are back and ready to work on some content to share it with you...
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    26 Devastating Dark Souls Facts!

    Sure thing! I'll have to think about what I want to see done by you guys... So many choices XD
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    Sounds amazing. Let me know when they are up so I can check em out. BTW do you have a twitter?
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    Let's Build a Medeival Village: Episode 3

    Very nice video! Well recorded and edited. The quality was good both audio and video! Maybe for next video try to lower a bit the music or making your voice a bit louder, just so it is a bit clearer! Other than that it was amazing so keep up the good work!
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    I did take a look at your channel and might I say your content is really fun! You do videos that are either interesting to watch or something that people will need. Also you are having a lot of fun on the videos and that is amazing because it makes your content more enjoyable! Keep up the good...
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    Uncharted 4 A Thief's End Walkthrough Gameplay Part 29

    Really good video! Also I saw that you upload really often so that is a huge thing if you want to make it! Keep it up!