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    Youtube Goals for new youtubers

    MushyAZ99's Youtube Goals 1.Get 1 concurrent Subscriber. -So i know my video is being seen. -Means i am closer to getting 2 subscribers. -So i can have more interactive content. 2. Sell 1 piece of Merchandise. -Now i got a true fan. -More money = better equipment. -Spreads the word of my youtube...
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    My Cat kiki unpluged the computer(My computer powers down when its unplugged) and i thought i had to re-edit all of the videos! but luckily shotcut has a auto save feature.
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    Just got done posting a video

    Just got done posting a video
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    New Tubers With PS4!

    Hello I am MushyAZ99 and i am here to talk about my new channel and hopefully meet some potential collaborators. i will be doing a wide variety of gaming content such as minecraft,borderlands 2, and titanfall 2. And that's just what's coming out soon. i have many interesting projects down the...