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    Getting 18 Kills in Siege Ranked and still losing :)

    I never got more than 17 kills without winning. (I had a 17-6 game and lost) but I just broke a super duper record :) 18-4 and being served an L in 8 rounds :) So that leads me to ask the question to the R6 community, "What was the most kills you have ever gotten and still LOST the game" very...
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    Someone Shut This Pig Up

    so me and my bois had a wicked adventure in sea of thieves. we befriended a pig, who we had to rescue after we suck our own ship, we also destroyed some fools, also a lotta laughs video here >
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    Rainbow Six Siege But Extra Obama ...

    linking the video would actually get you some views :)
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    Terrorist in GTA V {Funny Moments}

    Hey everyone! I thought to share my GTA V Funny moments video I uploaded not too long ago on my channel. We play Arena War, Extraction, And Hunting Pack. The video is a lobby of me and my friends, it was a pretty fun time. We also upload a lot of funny gaming content to our channel you that...
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    Daily Upload Thread for Saturday, February 1st 2020

    The Most Annoying Lucio Ever Overwatch Competitive Funny Moments :)
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    We play a lot of Overwatch comp and usually hate our experience

    Hey everyone! On my channel, you will find the most juicy, succulent, exquisite, Overwatch competitive content out there. We upload in chat reactions, funny moments, and games where we tear shi t up, We have a little squad of reoccuring characters that are all unique and funny in their own way...
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    Trash Talking Kid in Overwatch Goes Silent in Front of his Girlfriend. (Funny Comp)

    Sooo, we were playing Overwatch in a 4 stack, and when halftime rolled around, the two randoms on our team invited us to a party chat. We invited them, and this kid starts going off on us for no reason (We all had gold/ silver medals lol) and we put him in his place, Was a wicked funny time, and...
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    Daily Upload Thread for Wednesday, April 19th 2017

    Rainbow Six Siege Tutorial/ Funny Moments :)
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    How 2 Valkyrie

    I hate when I go into a lobby of R6 Siege, and someone snags Valkyrie, and their cameras are as bad as the operator Mira. So I decided to make my first ever tutorial, with my twist. I normally make un- funny funny moment videos, that aren't funny, so I made the tutorial just as unfunny. But in...
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    Halo 5 Guardians Funny Moments | Cops And Robbers

    Me and a friend of mine (He's really dumb) were playing Halo 5 custom games, when we came across Cops And Robbers. Remember, that game kids played on Minecraft? Yea, well I edited it and I think it may be one of my favorite videos, so hope you enjoy, tell me what you think
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    Xbox One 900 Subs looking to work with someone Comment on my video if you wanna work together

    I'm down to play, and if you want make a video. I'm down to play whatever. Hmu on Skype if you wanna play sometime :)
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    Daily Upload Thread for Wednesday, April 5th 2017

    Recently played Halo 5 cops and robbers. This may be one of my favorite videos I've made, tell me what you think, and if there is anything I can improve on please tell me!
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    I Made Leafy In Sims...

    So, just to be edgy, I decided to make Leafy, but my sims 4 doesn't work..? So I pull out that og sims 3. And I made the best damn leafy I could There is a huge over- saturation of commentaries about leafy, so I hope this video can be kinda like febreeze, and get rid of that nasty b o smell of...
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    If I refuse to skate... will I die???

    In games from the 80's, they can do any kinda physics they want.... So I guess if you don't skate, you can die haha. Good stuff man :)
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    Hilarious vid bud, really entertaining :)