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    SwampyEntertainment Youtube Network

    Why does your website have advertisements on it? It doesn't look very professional.
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    Become a CN!

    What's a CN? Don't you mean CA? CA= Content Aggregator CN= Content Naggregator?
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    Free Website Hosting?!

    Hello all, I'm Nic (CEO of and this post is simply to introduce a new hosting company! General info: offers cheap yet reliable web hosting to everyone! We offer a free trial for 7 days and our most expensive package is $8 a month! Our servers are extremely...
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    Creating Your Own Network!

    Hello guys, my name is Nic and I run Krowten Network, I just wanted to talk a little about out our CA program and the requirements and how to join. Becoming a CA otherwise known as "Content Aggregator" under Krowten Network could benefit you with the following: - You will receive 5% of all your...