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    Custom Thumbnails - Worth the time or Waste of time?

    I think it really helps keep your channel look uniformed (aka themed to you and recognizably branded to you)! It also suggests that you take this seriously!
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    Get early beta/promotional copies of games— media list registration!

    Hi there folks at Damnlag, There's so many great content creators on here and I thought I'd post this to see if anyone's interested! I'm Karen from Mana Marketing, and we work with indie developers on promoting their games. If you're interested in getting early betas or promotional copies of...
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    White Melon: New Youtube Channel Introduction!

    Yeah I also like the watermelon! Really cute theme :D
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    Hey, It's Foxtrot!

    Great that you love indie games! Always nice to see channels feature lesser known games!
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    How many monitors do you use?

    I can see maybe using up to 3 screens, but I have a friend who uses 6 (of various screens, i.e. an old laptop, his TV, etc.), and I can't quite see the benefit of that. For myself, I use two and I find that's quite sufficient for me :)
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    Does equipment matter?

    I think there's a lot to be said about the state of your channel. Just starting off? Make do with what you have. As time progresses, if your rig and equipment isn't up to standard, you'll know (either through comments or your own experiences while recording). By then, you'll probably be in a...