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    Hit 1000 subs and 150k total views

    Thank you :D Sure will!
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    Hit 1000 subs and 150k total views

    Just be yourself, do the things that you like on your channel, don't just make videos about games that'll get you views because you won't be having fun in the end. It's not about who has the most subs, it's about who has the most fun :) Oh and never ever do sub4sub. That stuff is useless
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    Donkey Kong Country Part 9: Oil Drum of DOOOOOOOM!

    In this new donkey kong country video we face the dumb oily drum of DOOM. We also play another minecart level. Oh the joy! Missed the first episode? Click here to watch it from the start!: ● Facebook...
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    Hit 1000 subs and 150k total views

    Ever since I started my channel my main goal was to reach 1k subs and finally I did it! Next milestone is 1234 subs :D To celebrate it I'm doing a Q&A video so feel free to ask me some questions either on this post, on the video or on twitter. #AskJF
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    What game were you playing on your very first video?

    My first video was not gaming related. The first video of an actual game I did though was guitar hero
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Okay. I didn't know. I have already explained why I quoted that post of his. I have read the forum rules a long time ago so apologies for not remembering every specific thing I have read in my life. Thank you for letting me know. I would delete the double post if I could but I don't see an...
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    Last Movie You saw at the Theater?

    Last movie I saw was blackhat
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Like this post.
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    You gave someone feedback earlier in this thread, that is why I asked you. I quoted that post because it's your most recent post and you can't @ someone on a forum.
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    How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Could you have a look at my channel as well and give me some feedback? I've been trying to improve my SEO and I'd love to know what you think.
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    Video length question.

    For let's plays around 15 minutes is good. higher than 20 is bad. For a starting channel I recommend to stick with 10 minutes for now.
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    Daily Upload for Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

    Gotta go fast my dear water melon friends in this new destiny episode where we do the mission called the awoken! Destiny playlist: ● Facebook: ● Twitter...
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    The Website Changed...?

    alright, thanks :)
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    The Website Changed...?

    Oh alright, I thought this was the finished new look. That connection sucks D: Btw why did the ytid thing stop working in my signature?
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    How many videos per-day do you upload?

    I change it every once in a while