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    Frosty Drone Flight

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    Frosty Drone Flight

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    PC Anyone wanna Collab?

    There was a post.. called "READ FIRST" my advice... read that first! Correct format should be applied! Here's a little help on creating a thread. (this doesn't mean it has to be exactly like this) Tell us about yourself, Where do you live: NA,SA,EU, etc. your age(if you want) What is your...
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    Twitch panels- because headers and writing and white look crap.

    i hate all of them! and i dislike your face <3
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    IR Badger FPV

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: IR Badger Channel Link: Badger FPV Channel Start Date: aug 2016 Partnered with Network?: nope Amount of Videos on Channel: 3 Total Subscribers: 17 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 180 Channel Description: Something abit different on here, i use to...
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    Daily Upload Thread for Wednesday, December 7th 2016

    Well i may as well join in again ;) New new vidya of my crashing my drone LOTS
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    I understand m9, just giving some advice
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    Old name: Galactic Badger.... new name: IR.Badger FPV reason.... YOU CANT HANDLE THE REASON! nah its because im being different and now dont do gaming, i fly toys yo!
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    touch of advice, you wont get people to colab just by walking in an saying COLAB ME NOW!!! people want to get to know you, be social, talk to them.. make friends all the people ive colabed with have been through making friends having a chat, a few games without recording THEN we set a time do...
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    Prison Brawl, Sessions

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    How To Get 1000 Subscribers on Youtube

    best thing to do.. is not to beg for them, like he said stick to what you do. dont fret about your sub count, views are the important thing. make stuff YOU enjoy and YOU would watch, then be social with other people have a conversation with them, dont beg people for shoutouts/subs, then people...
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    How To Get 1000 Subscribers on Youtube

    not going to lie.. saw the title and thought it was going to be a cancer video... but no... thank god its actual advice for people ^_^
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    MEME WAR!!!!

    title says it all: Rules: THERE ARE NO RULES THIS IS WAR!!!