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    PUBG discord to find players to play with

    Hey guys, I'm creating a community of people who are looking for some players to play PUBG. For the first time, the community will be based on the following discord : We can figure something out later on. Cya in the game ! eQ
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    Hey mate, We can play together if you want. Got more than 1500 hours at PUBG. You can catch me on stream, I will send you my discord link. cya !
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    Squeaky Ninjas Gaming

    +1 very nice
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    STAntics Arcade

    very nice !
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    STAntics Arcade

    Nice videos !
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    Arsenal Gaming

    Nice channel !
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    Pantaloons INC

    Nice channel
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    Hello! Iam BigTennessee

    Nice channel ! I'm on PUBG too
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    Premium VaultBoyChazza

    Nice channel mate !