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    Need collab partners!

    Hey Kim sorry for the very late response wwa saway for comiccon over the weekend. I have Josh On twitter now. Let us make a group to chat with.
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    Need collab partners!

    Looking for gamers to collab with, can be funny gimmick games like prop hunt to more competitive games like over watch. 1 person would be awesome but would love a group of players to play dead by daylight and games like that. My channel to see how i do things...
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    First Subscribers!

    Your first subs are the most important! theyre the ones that believe in you!
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    Thumbnail rate

    This is my latest thumbnail i made for a indie game i played called the final one, Im sure most gaming channels have come across it latly. Do you think the thumbnail is eye grabbing and does what its meant to do? for those who don't know about the game: It is a FPS horror game that takes place...
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    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    was asking for a channel critique and a guy on reddit told me about it. didnt say much. came to look at this page for myself
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    Young Bones Gaming

    I like the channel trailer. gets the point out there. I still need to make one for mine havent gotten to it yet.
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    GamerKitty Network

    Love the logo!
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    New Youtuber to the Gaming Mix

    Thanks for the support guys!
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    New Youtuber to the Gaming Mix

    Sup Guys my name Is DedDinosaur, About 2 months ago i started a totally unique everyday run of the mill gaming channel. The Unique spin like all gaming channels... IS THE HOST. My Goal is to be able to bring joy and fun to all. Making People laugh really is fun for me as well as showing how...