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    Making Twitch Backgrounds!

    I don't have a photoeditor software and I have no money so if someone could do this for me for free that'd be awesome but on Twitch I'd like a background for a Runescape style for when I change worlds/Bank Pin and I want it to display my other social media they can find me at like youtube...
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    Need A Runescape Background for My stream!

    I'm looking for a Runescape 07 type style for my stream so when I check my bank or switch worlds I pop it up so people don't see my password and stuff and I also want it to look nice and display like my Instagram, Twitter, And Youtube Channel! I don't have any money so I'd like it if it was free...
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    Make Up Challenge with girlfriend! Comment questions for a Q&A or Challenges to do in the next video!
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    Channel of the Month #10 (May 2015) - Voting/Entries

    Dakader: Votes: 1: Gamerperfection 2: Billy Z
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    Channel of the Month #10 (May 2015) - Voting/Entries

    1: GamerPerfection 2: NextQuestPlease
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    Q&A with my girlfriend!

    I know I've been saying I will do one with her soon and she kinda got a little shy so I made that vlog one with her and she seemed to open up more but next week I have 4 days off in a row and I will be going to her house during that time so what would you guys like to see? a Q&A or a challenge...
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    Call of Duty commentary!

    Check out my latest video I threw together for you lovely people! if you like my content don't forget to check out my funny moments they are a big hit with everyone and I hope to earn a sub from you! Call Of Duty: Goat Simulator:
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    Gotta hit that 50 sub mark!

    I'm so close to hitting 50 guys i'm at 40 now thank you all for subbing and liking and commenting with all these amazing feedback and I'll link my latest video of Goat Simulator and maybe you'll like it so much you'll sub today! :D
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    Goat Simulator Funny Moments!

    I hope you guys like it! I put my hard work into it and I know I've been slacking on 1 video a day i've been working a lot recently and so I wish I had more time to make videos but I hope you guys like it don't forget to poke that like button and subscribe today and tell me what you liked the...
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    Hey, I'm new...

    I watched your latest video and its good! if you want you could check my stuff out I mostly do Minecraft, Battlefield, and funny moments videos!
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    Just hit 35 lets get to 50!!

    Thanks bud! it means a lot ill sub back!