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    Does equipment matter?

    Well.. a good PC to make quality videos ist the basic requirement. In addition to that a microphone. Doesn't haven't to be a 200$+ Mic Using a Snowball myself and I'm pretty satisfied with the results. A Mixer or whatever some people are using is not nearly worth the price compared to the gain...
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    Do you prefer pre-built PCs

    There are only positive things in building an own PC. Pre-Built PCs are mostly highly overpriced. If you don't have the abilities (or trust in your abilities) of building it together just look for a good PC store. Some charge a little fee for building, some don't.
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    What inspired you to start YouTube?

    Hm.. I see the youtube channel as a good way to interact and connect with other people. As a Game's YouTuber it's also a great way to play some old games and not even slightly consider it a time waste. Plus when I can entertain other people with the videos my Job's done right.
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    How much does your game recording setup cost?

    All in all around 2.000 Euro, but tbh even without making Youtube Videos I'd still have at least the PC, Mouse, Keyboard and Headset.
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    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    Been here a couple while back, around 2 years I guess when being part of another channel. Searched for "youtube gaming forum" and yeah, that's the story. :D
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    Grand Theft Auto V (Storymode)

    Once again a playthrough of GTA V Storymode. Can't get enough *ha!* And here you can have the entire Playlist! :) Have fun watching! :)
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    Fallout: New Vegas (+all DLCs)

    Hello! I'm recently started to play one more time Fallout: New Vegas. Here's what's up for now. :) Or you can check the Playlist. :) Have fun and thanks for watching. :)
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    Who is your Favourite Game Character??

    Garrus Vakarian from the Mass Effect Series.
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    What editing software do you use?

    I am using CyberLink Power Director 14.
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    How many monitors do you use?

    Right now I use 2 monitors. Used to have a third one, but due of a new desk no more space for one more.
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    Helloo :)

    Hello Fellas, My Name's Chris. I'm 25 Years old and from the wonderful Austria (Austria, not Australia, we don't have any Kangaroos here! :p ). I recently started a new YouTube Project, because I want to make some english content aside my german YouTube Channel aswell. When I'm not sitting...
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    Share your Twitter!

    My Twitter Name is @CJaynik :)