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    PC Weird Random Games Anyone?

    I have a stupid laptop that cannot play many high end games. However, I still like to play and record. I have been playing "weirder" games that do not have the best graphics (i.e. Binding of Isaac and Lakeview Cabin) I am looking for new games like these and someone to play these games with...
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    Daily Upload Thread for Monday, May 1st 2017

    I love me some Binding of Isaac
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    What is your favorite horror game?

    I don't play horror that often. Today I recorded some Lakeview Cabin and I know its not really horror, I screamed very loud :)
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    Hey everyone!

    Welcome! From one Noob to another...just have fun while doing it
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    Damnlag what's up!!

    Welcome Ben!
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    Rocket League Anyone?

    I play Rocket League on Xbox1 (wish I had a capture card to record it). I think I am very good but want some competition. Let me know if you up for it. Usually play around 2am Chicago time.
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    New member!

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    PC Very limited gaming schedule

    As a parent who works a lot, I have a very limited gaming schedule. Meaning I am only free to play games late at night (2am sometimes). I live near Chicago. My PC isn't the best so I stick to low graphic games. Just looking for someone to game with, or record videos with. Right now I only...
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    Free programs?

    What are some good free video editing programs? I currently use windows movie maker and that is fine but it doesn't have any video overlapping which I really would enjoy to put in my videos.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome! Good luck
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    New Memeber

    Welcome! Good Luck to you
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    From one Noob to another...Welcome!
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    A hello from Zerodactyl!

    I love the name Zerodactyl. Now you just need a great logo that looks like a flying dinosaur :)