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    Need some people for gaming crew

    add me on steam @ Aksatsuki
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    Hey, I'm an Ex-Wizard

    XD you can add me on here and also on steam if you like(if you have one XD)
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    Hey, I'm an Ex-Wizard

    Hey Welcome to YTG forums! good luck with your youtube stuff XD and if you are on PC and are ever up for a game or collab(whichever one) you can add me at Aksatsuki. cheers.
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    Need a PC Minecraft Partner

    I added you on skype and Steam. on skype my name is aksatsukigames, on steam its aksatsuki.
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    Logo needed

    Thanks Sparks
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    Anyone want to play?

    yeah man message me on steam @Aksatsuki we can figure out where to go from there
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    Logo needed

    hey man first this isnt the place to put this specific post(assuming i didnt get this wrong) you should do your request in the marketplace under youtube category
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    Hello, I'm Vulcan Gamer :)

    welcome to YTG forums man good luck with your channel and see ya around
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    Channel of the Month #5 - Voting

    1. OkayGameplay 2. Dingo The Human
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    ChumDaGamer A legend that begins NOW!

    Good luck with getting 1k subs! and welcome to YTG forum if yah ever wanna game or collab just message me on steam at Aksatsuki
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    Who ispires you to do Youtube?

    To be honest Markiplier got me thinking that i wanted to start a youtube and my girlfriend pushed me to actually do it so here I am XD
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    Hi YouTube Gamers!

    Welcome to YTG forums! If you have any PC Games and want to game sometime just message me @Aksatsukigames Good luck with your channel as well!
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    A Great Big Hello From SamadDoesGaming

    Welcome to YTG forums! hope your channel gets successful and all that. Cheers mate
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    hello, im a girl gamer!

    thats fine ive got the same problem other than waiting for about 3 hours when my games transfer over XD
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    hello, im a girl gamer!

    oh i see I mean there are other good ones for mac although i have no idea what they are because im mainly PC and ive actually never used a mac before XD but um ill add you on skype and we can see if something works out(right now im gonna have to be on my phone as i need to move files from my...