Scared and Lost | No70: Eye of the Basir #2 (Full Gameplay)

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Aug 30, 2017 at 7:27 PM
Posted by AMX Gaming
No 70: Eye Of The Basir - scary start to this game as a jumpscare happens right away, the mystery only deepens as we begin to see the power of the eye and teleport to a strange new place.

This gameplay was more about finding the right path to travel and figuring out some very interesting puzzles that are revealing the path to finding basir and where grandma along with the basir order were at.

''No70: Eye of Basir'' is a story based first person perspective horror and adventure game which focused on investigation. Players will help Aras and Erhan to solve the mystery about Basir and the No70 house.

Aras and Erhan spent their childhood with their grandmother in the house No70 in which they encountered paranormal activities they couldn't fathom. After the death of their grandmother, brothers split up and started to live their own lives. 20 years has passed since then, now Erhan is a successful archeologist and Aras is a creative director. In the morning, Erhan realizes that something doesn't feel right. While he is trying to figure it out, he vanishes into thin air. Aras can not recieves any new from Erhan a long time, then he decides to go after his brother. But he has no idea what is going to happen.

Thank You for watching part 2 of No70 eye of basir full gameplay, have a very nice day
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