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Aug 10, 2015 at 8:49 AM
Posted by Devilish
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Zack Bell has done so very well working on this game. Please drop the developer a line on twitter: @ZackBellGames and read his blog : and drop the developer a line. He has done an amazing job with this game.
INK part 2 starts off with level 14 and this level scrolls adding something new to the mix. This level makes us whimper slightly for it is quite fiddly, but our skill for this game has improved immensely!

Level 15 - we find our very first coin in the game! Well the one that we were aware of anyway.

Level 16 – is another vertical scrolling level which leaves us dying a few times.

Level 17 – Has different kinds of levels and wall sliding, where we fail at getting the very last hurdle and getting to the exit.

Level 18 – Another vertical level but this time we head on down to the bottom. We’re so indecisive with where we want to go in this game.

Level 19 – Very blank and clear when we first start – this time vertical levels on the way up with blocks hidden in the hidden platforms. This is where we name our block RAINBOW BOB. Rainbow bob is highly anticipating when we finally manage to finish this level. We do really get stuck on this level which gives us some very memorable faces of concentrations.

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