Gravity Rush 2 - Night Gale Episode 21

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Mar 9, 2017 at 10:11 AM
Posted by MissMulti
Today we are finishing up the quest Seperate Tables, after delivering fuel to the people who needed it the most, we find out that the police are actually planning on creating an amusement park down in Lei Elgona. But where will the people live? It's up to us to stop this madness!

In the aerial city of Hekseville, reconstruction is progressing after the new weapons incident caused by the former mayor D’nelica. After a strange gravity wave disturbance was observed, the gravity princess Kat begins an investigation with her shifter partner Raven, and Syd, a police officer. Kat senses something strange and the area is hit by a gravity storm on an unprecedented scale. The three investigators are sucked into a gravitational whirlpool before even getting a chance to use their powers. Arriving in a strange mining settlement called Banga village, Other locations include the previous games city, Hekseville and a new location "The Rift Plane"

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